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Прычыны папулярнасці праграмнага забеспячэння для лазернага святла

1. The editing interface and playback channel are obvious
Under normal circumstances, прафесійнае праграмнае забеспячэнне для лазернага святла, якое прадаецца на рынку, мае відавочны і лёгкі для адрознення інтэрфейс рэдагавання і канал прайгравання. І кожны канал мае асобны інтэрфейс для кіравання, і ніякіх зменаў з-за серыйнага нумара блока кіравання не будзе. If there is a power failure or other unexpected situation in a certain control box, the editing interface of the software will not be closed automatically. The operator only needs to check or replace the faulty control box alone.

2, easy installation and smooth operation
Generally, relatively high-quality laser light software is very convenient to install. Its popular application effectively solves the problems of traditional stage software installation and driver finding. If users want to use the software on different computers, they only need to copy the corresponding laser light software folder. In addition, because professional laser light software generally has the characteristics of running smoothly, it will not get stuck or run slowly because of memory usage.

3. Front and back work is independent of each other
The laser light software is very intelligent in dealing with the independent problems of front and back work. It mainly adopts the method of separating the creation and editing of the background and the real-time playback of the foreground to ensure that any editing and updating creation work of the operator can only be seen in the background. When everything is ready, just click thePlay Nowbutton, and the laser will automatically output to the front desk, which is helpful to create a better picture effect.

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Час публікацыі: 2020-08-10