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Правилен избор и използване на лазерна светлина

Има два вида лазерни светлини, едната е индустриална лазерна светлина, а другата е лазерна светлина за забавление. Лазерната светлина генерира светлинен лъч през криптонова лампа и кристален прът, и след преобразуване на честотата, може да образува видима светлина. Той може също така да използва компютър, за да контролира високоскоростното отклонение на галванометъра, за да формира знаци и шарки с различни форми. Характеристиките на лазерната светлина са много цветове, силна яркост, добра насоченост, дълъг обхват, лесен за работа, и т.н., разнообразие от промени в ефекта изглежда прекрасно и цветно, и може да се използва на различни места.

При закупуване на лазерна светлина, трябва да обърнете внимание на следните точки:

1. The size of power and spot diameter

The brightness of the laser light is very high. The greater the power, the stronger the light produced. Too strong beams are harmful to human eyes and skin. When a stationary green laser beam with a laser light spot diameter of less than 2mm and a power greater than 100mW hits the eyes or skin directly, human eyes and skin will be burned and damaged.
Avoid direct contact with the stationary laser beam.

When the laser light is performing, the laser beam is already scanned and dispersed, the power per unit area has been reduced, and the damage to human eyes has also been reduced. Although the power of the laser is relatively large, the laser power density per unit area after sweeping is already very low, and it usually does not cause irreversible damage to human eyes. въпреки това, if the circuit or the scanning galvanometer fails, the laser beam may stay still during the scanning process. If your eyes just touch the laser beam, it will cause your eyesight to decline or blindness. The effect produced by the laser light is particularly beautiful, and it is most suitable for performance, but there is a certain degree of danger. But now that thelaser scanning out of control protectionfunction is available, it is best to choose a laser light with this function when purchasing products. When the laser beam stops scanning unexpectedly during the normal scanning process, the laser light will turn on the protection system and immediately automatically shut down.

2. Types of laser lights

The types of laser lights can be divided into two types in terms of scanning. The first type is simple beam scanning laser lights, whose effects are only simple beam effects. The second is the galvanometer scanning laser light, which is a laser light with the artistic effects of text animation. The galvanometer scanning laser light can be divided into a low-speed galvanometer scanning laser light of about 10Kpps and a high-speed mid-to-high-speed text animation laser of >30Kpps. light.

3. The actual effect of voice control

Many lights now have a “гласов контрол” function, as do laser lights. “Voice controlrefers to a very simple volume that can trigger the play function of the light. Generally, the effect produced is very few and single.

4. Artistic effects of text animation

The text animation laser light should have the artistic effect of abroken penso that when placing text, there is a laser connection between the strokes of the same word or two texts. There is nobroken pen” лазерна светлина, and the animation art effect is basically absent, so the text or animation is very distorted.

5. “Multiple laser-pattern special effects

If the laser light hasmulti-pattern special effects”, the content it presents will be more perfect and exquisite, and it can cast a variety of rich combination effects.

6. “DMX512” intelligent programming

The laser light with “DMX512” intelligent programming has very rich effects and many patterns. It can combine the effect of the laser with the stage scene so that the laser light perfectly presents its lighting effects in each scene.

7. The degree of dust-proof sealing of the laser light

The optical reflective lens in the laser light affects its brightness and reflection efficiency. If it is not carefully packaged and dust-proof measures are not taken, it is easy to be contaminated by dust and oil, contaminate the lens, and finally reduce the reflection efficiency and brightness, and the effect is not good. obvious. Frequent cleaning of the lens will cause damage to the reflective film. Следователно, it is necessary to purchase a laser lamp with good dust-proof measures and observe whether there is a dust-proof glass in its laser output port when purchasing.
Also, pay attention to regular inspections.

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Време за публикуване: 2020-08-31