У дома » Как да решим повредата на сценичното осветително оборудване?

Как да решим повредата на сценичното осветително оборудване?

Ефектите на представлението, представени на сцената, са неотделими от помощта на осветителното оборудване на сцената.
С други думи, оформлението на осветлението и аудио оборудването трябва да бъде възможно най-съвършено, за да добави нотка на цвят към цялото сценично представление! въпреки това, когато тези светлини и звуци неизбежно ще се провалят, по това време трябва да разберем някои техники за проверка и поддръжка, за да осигурим гладкото изпълнение на изпълнението.

Рутинна проверка

1. Дали крушката свети нормално?
Електрическата крушка е най-лесно повреждаемата част от цялата машина, затова трябва да обърнем внимание, за да проверим дали разсейването на топлината на крушката е нормално, дали стойността на напрежението е в рамките на нормалното, and the power switch should also be careful not to turn on and off frequently.

2. Whether the line of the device is connected normally
Problems such as the incorrect connection of the control cable, interference with shielding, and incorrect address coding of the lamps and lanterns, и т.н.. can cause the lights to run out of control and not operate normally.

3. Whether the lamp position is placed correctly
The effect of the light affects the atmosphere of the entire stage, so the lamps must be selected correctly and at the appropriate angle. The position of the lights must be adjusted and checked regularly. During the performance, the audience in every corner can see the stage clearly. This is the light. The contagion created.

4. How to check the interference noise
If there is noise in the lighting and sound of the stage, it is necessary to check whether its power supply is not connected and disconnected, and then check whether the power supply of the silicon box is too close to the audio equipment, or the signal is not properly grounded, resulting in a signal transmission interference.

5. Insufficient volume of stage lighting and audio equipment
If you find that the lighting and audio equipment used on the stage is too low, you should check the setting of the road level in time, and check whether the audio line connection is loose, whether the amplifier cable is connected, and the cable between the amplifier and the speaker. Is it the same? По същото време, we must observe whether the equalizer is in the normal use range.

6. Matters needing attention

1. Do not directly touch the bulb with your hands, which not only affects the cleanliness of the bulb but also may cause the bulb to break easily.
2. When installing the color changer, a protective net cover must be installed to avoid injury when the bulb is broken.
3. Pay attention to the order of the power supply of the console and the silicon box. It should not be confused and reversed. The incorrect operation will also explode the bulb.
4. Regularly clean the dust and residual garbage inside and outside the lamp. If the residual object is in the lamp body after the bulb burst, it will shorten the life of the lamp body.
5. The bulb cannot be turned on immediately after cooling, which will cause the bulb to crack or the tungsten wire to melt to a great extent.
6. Regular inspection of fire protection facilities. There are many lines used for lighting and sound equipment, which are likely to cause fire, short circuits, and other problems, so regular and comprehensive inspections should be carried out and fire prevention measures should be taken.

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