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You must know the bar lighting design in the stage lighting equipment

You must know the bar lighting design in the stage lighting equipment
A bar is a place for people to relax and entertain. The stage lighting equipment is very important to the bar’s spatial style and atmosphere for customers. An environment that allows customers to feel comfortable and let themselves go is the reason for their choice.
The effect created by the lighting design is to enhance the atmosphere of the bar and the grade of the bar.
There are several types of bar lighting design:
1. Basic lighting
The basic lighting is the lighting under normal circumstances. There is no need to consider other factors. It only needs to meet the requirements of the audience to see the stage and performance clearly.
2. Character lighting
Here we need to talk about local lighting. Local lighting only illuminates some local parts that you want to highlight, highlighting the level and atmosphere of these local environments.

3. Backlighting
The most commonly used background light is the beam light. The beam light is named because of its unique light source. Its focal length positioning is very accurate, and because of the small-diameter cup design, the utilization of the beam effect is very high.
This kind of light is the best background light. Through the effective use of light effects, let the light highlight its beauty and theme as the performer, stage, and plot change.
4. Basic effect lighting and special effect lighting
The basic effect lights are mainly directional beam lights, and the special effect lights are mainly computer lights. Its light color, light spot, and illuminance are higher than other conventional lights, but the price is more expensive. The number of lights or reduce the number of basic effect lights.
The combination of these lights can highlight the silhouette and three-dimensional sense of characters and objects, meet the local needs for light color, brightness, and direction, and set the background lighting to make the stage performance more realistically present in front of the audience. Produce a harmonious environment that satisfies customers.

Време за публикуване: 2020-06-28