14 pcs * 3W V Veisautaki ni Lalaga LIU

led light washer four-in-one controlled wall washer bar wedding nightclub effect light dyed stage lighting

Matailalai ni iYaya

Vakatataro ena Gauna Oqo

Matailalai ni iYaya

The 14 LED wall washer have various effects (point control, horse race, refresh, running water). Each lamp bead can be controlled individually or synchronously, with infinite color mixing, full color change, single row control, colorful horse race, and multiple built-in program functions.

Kakana ni livaliva: AC110~240V,50/60Yad
Gacagaca ni Lewai ni iYau: DMX512 /Auto/Sound/Master-slave
iVurevure : 12 pcs 3W warm white light LED
Dimmer : 0-100%
Strobe: 0-27 Y KILAKA
Beam angle:
Levu ni pakete: L110*W36*H48 cm
bibi ni neti: 6VEIKAU



Vakaraitaki ni kena vakayagataki vaka-ka

Kisi ni idinia

E dau veivakasaurarataki tu vakacau o Sisahu, vakarautaki ni iwali cecere ni ivakarau ni kere cakacaka ni veivakamarautaki, ivakaraitaki ni, matanitu kei na veivakatorocaketaki, vale ni vakatasuasua, vale ni vakatasuasua, ilimuni, vale ni vakadewa makawa, Olo taucoko vakainaki, kei na vale ni vakatataro.

iTukutuku ni Kabani

Yavutaki ena 2008, Misini ni Lighting Lighting Stage Co., Na Gauna ni 2011. e dua na kabani e vakaitavi ena vakatorocaketaki, vakatasuasua, volivoli kei na vakadoki ni veiqaravi vakadua.

Setivikiti ni iYau ni Veiliutaki

The company’s main products are moving headlights, caqataki ni cina, vakadikevi ni cina, cina ni kompiuta, cina ni ivakarau, Cina NI VEILIUTAKI, cina ni laser, Cina totoka kei na veiyaya tale eso.products sa sivia na setivikiti ni ivakarau ni veiqaravi vinaka ni ISO9001, na ivakarau tudei ni cakacaka e gadrevi kina na veivakadeitaki ka sa sivia na kabani o ya na GBT29490 na gagadre ni lawa ni iyauqaqa ni vuku kei na setivikiti ni kabani ni kasitaba. Sa rawata na ivoli oqo e vica na malawa vakamisini kei na sitivikiti e vuravura raraba.

Na ivoli taucoko sa dodonu me vakayagataki 4 jeke ena kena cakacakataki taucoko:

1. Vakadsarasarataki ni veika vakavuravura
2. Ni cakacakataki tiko na vakadidike
3. iOtioti ni vakadidike
4. Vakadidike veivakadetaki kina

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4.Special discount are offered based on order quantity.

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6.Your sales area, design and all your private information will be protected.

7.After-sales service : We offer 1 years warranty for all our products . if there is problem with our products , you can contact us at any time . please send us the pictures and videos to show us the problem . we will glad to help you to solve the problems . and if you need some replacement parts to repair the product . we can send you free but you need to pay the shipping .


Na i Gale na iRogo:
Q : How can i place Order?

Choose items-Sign contractPay depositProducttionPay balanceloadingdelivery.

Q : Na mataqali sausaumi vakacava au rawa ni vakayagataka?

Rawa ni ko sauma mai na Ra Union, T/T, PayPal,Veivakadeitaki Taqomaki ni Sausaumi kei na Veivakadeitaki ni Veivoli(Visa,Kadi ni Dinau,Kadi levu se jeke). So tale na kena matailalai, yalovinaka veitaratara mai vei keimami me baleta na veivuke.

Q : Is there any import tax, duties or charges included?

Sega, they will be not included. And please check the detail info from your local Customs office.

Q : How to deal with the faulty?

A: Firstly, Our products are produced in strict quality control system and the defective rate will be less than 0.2%.

Secondly, during the guarantee period, we will send new lights with new order for small quantity. For defective batch products, we will repair them and resend them to you or we can discuss the solution including re-call according to real situation.

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