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Liste de contrôle des équipements d'éclairage et de sonorisation de scène

Le succès d'un programme scénique est également soutenu par le son des équipements d'éclairage scénique. Le système d'éclairage sonore de la scène est un déterminant du taux de réussite des programmes scéniques. L'équipement audio et l'équipement d'éclairage de scène doivent être correctement entretenus et entretenus afin de réparer les lignes et l'équipement qui ont des problèmes en temps opportun pour éviter les situations inattendues.. Voici la check-list du matériel d'éclairage et de sonorisation de la scène.


1. The casing of the device is charged

When the casing of the device is under electrical inspection, cela causera un choc aux personnes à proximité. Donc, lorsqu'il est constaté qu'il y a de l'électricité dans le boîtier de l'appareil, it can be checked in the following order. First, check whether the power supply line is damaged; second, whether the phase of the line is correct; and finally, whether the equipment grounding and voltage are correct.


2. Inspection methods for generating interference noise

The noise of the equipment is mainly reflected in the audio equipment. When there is obvious noise in the sound, it will not only affect the performance of the performer but also affect the mood of the audience to a certain extent. It is extremely important to keep the sound of the sound equipment free of abnormalities.

If there is noise in the equipment, first check the dimming interference, whether the sound and lighting power are disconnected; second, check whether the lighting power and control lines are too close to the audio signal line and whether there is a silicon box away from the audio equipment Situation too close


3. How to check resonance and feedback in the sound field

If resonance and acoustic feedback occur in professional audio equipment, first check whether there is a peak point in the room frequency response; check whether the room structure and decoration are reasonable, it is best to check whether the crossover point and bass gain are reasonable, and room reverberation Whether the time is too long.


4. Check sequence of insufficient sound volume in a professional audio system

Under normal circumstances, if there is insufficient volume in professional audio equipment, it is necessary to check whether the line-level settings of the amplifier and the speaker are correct, and secondly, whether the speaker cable is firmly connected, and whether the phase of the amplifier and the speaker are consistent Is the attenuation range of the equalizer in the normal range, and is the start level of the compressor limited?


5. Inspection method of out-of-control lights

If the light is out of control, first check whether there is any problem with the controller program, whether there is a problem with the address code of the lamp, whether the connection of the control wire is correct, and whether the shielding of the control wire is subject to bad interference or the limit of the lamp Is the adjustment appropriate?


6. Lamp bulb damage inspection

The most likely thing to happen in the stage audio lighting is that the light bulb is easily broken, so if there is a problem, it is necessary to check whether the installed light bulb is reliable, whether it is contaminated with dust and moisture, and whether the heat dissipation of the light bulb is in the normal range In the end, the last thing to check is whether the voltage is within the normal range and whether the power switch is used too frequently.


7. Inspection of video images in the video system

In a performance event, the projection of the stage is a tool for fans to see their idol more clearly. Because the venue is too large, there are few opportunities for a face-to-face confrontation with idols, so fans can only watch the performance of their idols more clearly through the LED display on the stage.

If the video image is abnormal in professional audio equipment, first of all, you need to check whether the program format is in the correct range, whether the equipment shell is charged, and secondly, check whether the signal shield is susceptible to high-level interference. It is best to check whether the projection tube is within the normal range, whether there is any problem with the performance of the LCD projection lamp.


8. The sound of the wireless microphone in professional audio equipment is unstable

Wireless microphones are the equipment used in modern performances. Wireless microphones are more limited than microphones to ensure the safety of performers on the stage and ensure that they are not easily tripped like wired microphones. But the wireless microphone is still purely a certain problem, that is, the signal is unstable, and the microphone may lose sound. If the wireless microphone is unstable, the first check where the sound is unstable, whether it is caused by a high-frequency interference source in the system, or an antenna connection error, receiver fine-tuning, microphone battery power, etc. This is just a brief introduction, learn more pls click here: fournisseur d'éclairage de scène & fabricant


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