9 phantom moving head lights

The magnet positioning system is used to replace the traditional Hall positioning system with higher accuracy and more reliable performance.


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Body-color black
Atomization 0-100% linear atomization
Dimming 0-100% mechanical dimming, support for mechanical strobe, and speed adjustment strobe effect. Support macro function, lens group, the optical system
Positioning technology The magnet positioning system is used to replace the traditional Hall positioning system with higher accuracy and more reliable performance.



Our company is a professional manufacturer of stage lighting, providing professional solutions for stage lighting application systems for entertainment, performances, government and enterprise projects, theaters, concert halls, bars, museums, multi-purpose halls, and studios.


Founded in 2008, Guangzhou Duohu Stage Lighting Equipment Co., Ltd. is a company engaged in development, production, sales and installation of one-stop service.

De wichtichste produkten fan it bedriuw binne bewegende koplampen, efternei ljochtsjes, skennen ljochten, komputerljochten, patroanljochten, LED-ljochten, laser ljochten, strobe ljochten en oare products.products hat slagge de ISO9001 kwaliteit behear systeem sertifikaasje, the enterprise standard system requires certification and the industry has passed the GB\T29490 enterprise intellectual property regulation requirements certification and customs enterprise certification. It produkt hat in oantal technyske patinten en ynternasjonale kwaliteitsertifikaasje krigen.

Alle produkten moatte trochgean 4 kontrolearret yn it heule proses:

1. Raw materiaal ynspeksje
2. By ferwurkjen fan ynspeksje
3. Lêste ynspeksje
4. Utgeande ynspeksje

Nterprise honor certification


F : How can I place Order?

IN : Please send us your purchase list by e-mail,skype,facebook or making a call,and you can also ask us to send you PI for your approval.We need to know the following information for your order:

1)Product information:Quantity,Specification(type,logo and packing requirement)

2)Delivery time required

3)Shipping information:Company name,Address,Phone number,Destination seaport/airport

4)Forwarder's contact details if there is any in China

F : What guarantee can you offer?

IN : 1 years warranty, free repair kit, storage bag and instruction.

F : Kin ik myn eigen ekspedysje brûke om de produkten foar my te transportearjen ?
IN : Ja , wis en wrachtich , as jo in eigen ekspedysje hawwe yn Guangzhou as tichtby Guangzhou , jo kinne jo ekspedysje it guod foar jo ferstjoere litte , we have to be negotiated and reply you based on your products.

F : What is the payment method ?
IN : T/T , 30% deposit before mass production , the 70% balance has to be settled before shipment , we kindly suggest you transfer the full price at one time as there is bank process fee , it would be a lot of money if you choose to make twice transfer .(Deposit depends on the order)


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