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What is a projection slide

Projection slides are also called projection slides and sky curtain effect lights, which combine lighting, mechanical transmission, and electrical control. After that, a variety of sceneries, natural weather changes (such as wind, rain, thunder, electricity, water, fire, smoke, clouds, etc.), and illusory scenes are formed on the stage canopy. It can not only present scenes and moving scenes, such as rain, snow, flames, clouds, waves, lightning, rising sun, etc. It can also use dynamic shadows as a background to show changes in various landscapes, mines, etc. The endless rotating magic ball is also a kind of effect light, which can be used on many occasions and can show various colors and effect changes.

Effect light introduction:
Effect lights can be divided into the following two types:
Stage effect lights
Stage effect lamps are lamps that are equipped with various effects for various dances, dance music, or sound equipment on the stage. It is usually a slideshow, with a huge appearance and bright colors. It has the same principle as ordinary slideshows. When projecting a dynamic picture, you need to use a special projection slide. There are also many types of stage effect lights, such as the sky curtain slide on the stage canopy, which is characterized by the ability to produce various backgrounds; the subtitle slides used in theatrical performances, and the subtitle slides used for text description; and performance Turntable slides with special effects, for example, can show effect changes such as traveling clouds, waves, and red flags; there are also running water slides, which are lights that can show the effects of microwave ripples, and lightning that is connected with the sky slide. , Rain and snow, double-ring belt effects, etc.

Film and television effect lights
The lighting range of the film effect lamp is relatively large, and its power is also larger than other effect lamps. The more commonly used is the long arc xenon lamp, which includes lightning effect lights, movie slides, laser effects, and other special effects lights. As a stage lighting supplier & manufacturer, we promise to offer the best and good quality effect lights for all our clients.

Post time: 2020-08-28