Let’s understand the composition and control system of beam lights

The beam light is a high-tech product. The main principle is to concentrate the light on a focal point to form a beam. From the power size, it can be divided into 230W, 250В, 260В, 280В, 300В, 350В, 380В, and 1200W beam lights. A good beam lamp must have excellent light efficiency, high intensity, accurate positioning, and the lamp body and materials used must meet the ergonomic requirements. As a stage lighting supplier & manufacturer, we have accelerated years of experience in beam light production

The main components of beam lights are:

[Switching power supply]: It has the functions of switching motherboard, cooling fan, lighter, and motor. The voltage of each different type of beam lamp will be slightly different. When the power supply voltage is insufficient or short-circuited, the moving parts of the computer beam lamp will be affected. Influence, cause the lighter to fail to light up.

[Motherboard]: The design of the mainboard of each lamp is different, but the basic difference is not big. Large-area mainboard, small space display board, rectangular drive, or semi-circular drive, various types are available. Some beam lights integrate the X-axis and Y-axis drive boards with the function mainboard, saving some space. The mainboard is mainly used to control the motor, fan speed, mainboard communication, and so on.

[Ballast]: It is also called a lighter. It is understood from the literal meaning that the lighter is to make the bulb light up to stabilize the voltage and current. The current method for beam lamps to obtain high voltage is not through a trigger but directly connected to a direct current from the input end. Several small metal wires are generally connected to the lighter to control the light bulb on and off.

[X-axis, Y-axis rotation] Take the 230W beam lamp as an example. The 230W beam lamp uses the dual-arm support mode. The lamp body rotates up to 540 degrees horizontally, and rotates up to 250 degrees or 270 degrees vertically because it is rotating The swing range of the lamp body is relatively large, so you must pay attention to the details of the base part. On some special occasions, if the beam lamp needs to be hung, it can also ensure the safety of personnel and prevent the lamp from being damaged.

[Focusing assembly] Most of the lamps adopt mechanical dimming 0-100, the international standard channel DMX512 channel, if it is controlled by two synchronized focusing motors, the virtual and real effect of the spot can be realized.

[Pattern and color wheel] The general beam light gobos have 17 plug-in gobos + цагаан гэрэл, and the color wheel has 13/14 color plates + цагаан гэрэл, with various colors and changes, баар, KTVs, wedding stages, and other occasions, And can easily cope with it to ensure the normal progress of the performance.

[Bulb] The beam light bulb is mainly made by Philips, there are four types, the first is the original bulb, which is the Philips platinum 5R bulb MSD, or the most used is the original Osram 230W, the second is the Philips UHP bulb, The third type is Taiwan Youdeng 5R bulbs, which are the most used on the market. The last type is a variety of shoddy bulbs and selected low-quality bulbs, such as those with uneven color temperature, weak luminosity, and low light efficiency. гэрлийн чийдэн.

In addition, beam lamps generally use cup bulbs. At present, most domestic and foreign manufacturers recommend OSRAM or PHILIPS metal gas discharge bulbs. This kind of bulb has high brightness, урт удаан амьдрал, and can maintain a relatively stable color temperature. In the use of some computer beam lights with relatively large power, heat dissipation is a very important issue. It is necessary to maintain uniform heat dissipation to make its performance stable and Extend its service life.

The beam light is mainly composed of three systems: optics, mechanics, electronics, and program control.
1. Optical system
In the design of the optical system, the first choice is to start from its light source luminous flux utilization. These include light intensity, brightness, color temperature, spot size, and saturation, and balance.

2. Mechanical system
The mechanical system includes a lot of content, mainly including the material used in the lamp, its structure, the choice of housing, the intensity of heat dissipation, and so on.
Three, electrical and program control part
1. Electronics
Professional moving head beam lights basically use rare gas discharge bulb light sources, such as 1200W beam lights. To make it work stably and the start of its gas discharge bulb is mainly determined by the design of the circuit type, power supply, lighter, and other electrical components.
2. Program control part
In the program control part, The 16/20 international standard channel DMX512 channel has been generally used, and the DMX data format is used to write program files.
Professional lighting designers must understand the basic knowledge of lamps and lanterns, so as to avoid accidents during the process of lighting control and operation.

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