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  • Let’s understand the composition and control system of beam lights

    The beam light is a high-tech product. The main principle is to concentrate the light on a focal point to form a beam. From the power size, it can be divided into 230W, 250Magna taċ-ċpar doppja, 260Magna taċ-ċpar doppja, 280Magna taċ-ċpar doppja, 300Magna taċ-ċpar doppja, 350Magna taċ-ċpar doppja, 380Magna taċ-ċpar doppja, and 1200W beam lights. A good beam lamp must have excellent light efficiency, high intensity, accurate positioning, and the lamp body and materials used must meet the ergonomic requirements. As a stage lighting supplier & Il-mikrofoni mingħajr fili huma aktar limitati mill-mikrofoni biex jiżguraw is-sigurtà tal-artisti fuq il-palk u jiżguraw li ma jittellgħux faċilment bħal mikrofoni bil-fili, we have accelerated years of experience in beam light production The main components of beam lights are: [Switching power supply]: It has the functions of switching motherboard, cooling fan, lighter, and motor. The voltage of each different type of beam lamp will be slightly different.…
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