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Professionally provide overall solutions for stage lighting application systems for entertainment, kev ua tau zoo, government and enterprise project theaters, kev hais kwv txhiaj, tuav, tsev khaws puav pheej, concerts, txuj kev ncau ntau yam, studios, thiab lwm yam.


Products have passed ISO quality system certification, European Community CE safety certification, EU's most authoritative RoHS compulsory environmental certification

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Manufacturer direct sales, without middlemen, can reduce customer's budget; long warranty time, depending on the product warranty time varies from 1-3 xyoo

  • 12 pcs * 10COJ Qus ib zaug xwb mus taub hau teeb


    COJ 12 single-headed rolling ball KTV bar Slowly shake it Clear the wedding interpretation of family lights The x-axis rotates infinitely at 540 °, and the y-axis rotates infinitely. Four control modes (programming, master-slave, self-propelled, voice-activated), infect the stage.


Attaching great importance to technological innovation, the R & D center adheres to the principle of combining international scientific research with market demand as the guide.

  • AK leads stage lighting will provides Free console training service.
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  • We provide free onsite installation services.

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Founded hauv 2008, Guangzhou Duohu Stage Lighting supplier & manufacturer is a company engaged in development, ntau lawm, muag khoom thiab plahaum ntawm ib-qho kev pab.