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Do you know the tricks and taboos of stage lighting operation? (Part 2)

6. Don’t focus too much on the speed of light emitted by the back light. Too much focus will lighten the color paper installed on the lamp in a short time, lose color, and even more, burn the color paper to make a hole. If the distance between the direct light and the flammable items is too close, it is impossible to distinguish them.
Operation skills: When adjusting the light beam of the lamp, it is better to adjust a little astigmatism. If the illumination is not enough, you can add the lamp.

7. Do not forget to install a protective net cover while installing the color changer. The protective net cover is to prevent splashing when the light bulb explodes and hurt people and burned items. There is no 2-stop pendant slot on the back light. A protective net is installed on the inside. It is used for the cover, and the outer gear is used for the color changer. Some PAR lamps already have a fixed protective net cover. Is n’t that good?
8. Remember to make the distance between the lamp of the heat light source and the flammable curtain too close. Many years ago, during a performance in a school in northeast China, a fire was caused by the lights lighting the curtain, causing hundreds of deaths and injuries.
Therefore, it is important to maintain a certain distance between the light and the curtain. The distance between the direct direction of the 300W lamp and the curtain must not be less than 3cm, and the distance between the side of the lamp, the tail and the curtain (still state) must not be less than 2m. A metal isolation net is set up in the middle of the screen to prevent the screen from being caught on the lamp and causing a fire. For lamps above 500W, the distance between the direct curtain and the curtain is beyond 5m, and the distance between the side, the tail and the curtain is beyond 3m.
9. Do not exceed the power of the installed light by the manufacturer. The power carried by each circuit on the light silicon box is described in detail in the instructions. Generally, the load power of each loop is 1KW, 2KW, 3KW, 6KW. Take 6KW as an example. The thyristor in the silicon box is also called solid-state relay is 60A. Calculate that the load capacity is 13.2KW. Anyway, there is such a large power space, you can install more than 6KW lights on this circuit. . The author believes that it is only one-sided to consider only the current generated by the bulb at the moment of melting. Besides, manufacturers won’t leave such high-power thyristors for no reason, which makes some sense. A 60W incandescent light bulb has an operating current of 0. 27A, which means that when the tungsten wire of a 60W light bulb is blown out, a current of more than 6A is generated. Excluding the positive and negative error of the fuse, 1A, that is, when the light bulb is blown out The current is five times its working current. The manufacturer of the silicon box is designing the thyristor current of each circuit to be only 2.2 times the actual carrying current. This is too stingy, so after using the light console for some time, you will find that the more the bulb is damaged, The thyristors in the silicon box were also broken down, and the phenomenon that the lights were constantly on and could not be turned off or were not dimmable increased accordingly.
10. Do not cause three-phase imbalance when connecting the load. As you know, most of the power input to the lighting silicon box is a three-phase four-wire system. When the lamp load is connected to the silicon box, if the light load is connected blindly without distribution, it may cause a three-phase imbalance phenomenon. Then, when the light is pushed, you will feel the difference between light and dark.
Operation skills: The total power of the installed light divided by 3 is equal to the power allocated to each phase. Take the power number of the above example as an example: Dividing 600KW by 3 equals 20KW, that is, each phase of 1-6, 7-12, and 13-18 loads 20KW, so that the three-phase voltage is balanced.
The above are the operating skills and taboos of stage lighting.

Post time: 2020-04-09