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Let’s understand what a beam light is

1. Beam lights
Beam light is a kind of luminaire that concentrates the light source on a focal point so that the light source is more concentrated and emitted to form a beam and show the stage effect.
2. Parau tumu no te ohipa
Beam lamps are mainly known for their unique light sources.
Its unique small-caliber bulb design and precise focal length positioning principle make its light efficiency utilization rate extremely high.
The extremely high lumens will cause its heat to be very high, so the beam lamp needs a constant temperature system.
At present, domestic manufacturers have two cooling methods.
Traditional heat dissipation: rely on a better fan to dissipate heat from the bulb and cooperate with a temperature control switch.
Software temperature control and heat dissipation: rely on software to control fan constant temperature. If the fan slows down or malfunctions, the lamp protection will be automatically extinguished without blowing bubbles.
The traditional heat dissipation system only relies on the fan to dissipate the light bulb, and the software temperature control heat dissipation is more intelligent, which can effectively protect the light bulb and extend the life of the light bulb and the lamp.
Relatively speaking, smart cooling is more useful and convenient.

3. Main styles
Beam lights on the market mainly include 200W Beam lights, 230W Beam lights, 260W Beam lights, 330W Beam lights, 1500W beam lights, tahi atu a.
300W beam light and 700W beam light are popular around 2010, and they have a certain sense of light beam.
However, the beam lamp that everyone loves and recognizes has been popular since the 200W beam lamp. It was popular in August 2012, and it was popular in the domestic market in the same year.
Since then, with the continuous improvement of market demand, new lamps have been continuously developed in the industry, such as 230W beam lamps, 260W beam lamps, 330W beam lamps, and beam pattern combination lamps. But the current mainstream of beam lights is still 200W Beam lights, 230W beam lights

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