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12 pcs * 12W LED Double Moving Head Light

12pcs 10WLED double ball moving head light, bar private room KTV wedding wedding bar family bar small performance banquet hall light

Faahu'ahu'araa o te tao'a

Uiraa i teie nei

Te mau haamaramaramaraa no te ohipa

12 LED two-arm moving head lights, intelligent sound control, infinitely up and down rotation. Imported light source. The lamp beads have high brightness and colorful colors, adding luster to the stage. Using precise stepping motor, fast response speed and accurate positioning. High-power power supply with more stable performance.

Te haaputuraa mana: AC110~240V 50/60Hz
Vahi i tauturuhia: 12 pcs 10W imported lamp beads
Te huru no te faatereraa: DMX512 /Auto/Sound/Master-slave
Te mau faito o te puohu: L37*W27*H37 cm
tauaharaa upe'a: 5TE MAU TU'I
Te teiaha rahi 5.8TE MAU TU'I
Suitable place: Bar, KTV, performance, bike room

Piaraa hoho'a

Afata matini

E taata hamaniraa ohipa o Te Rahu no te mori i ni'a i te tahua, horo'araa i te mau rave'a no te faaohiparaa i te mori no te faaanaanataeraa, te mau pŭpŭ ha', te mau opuaraa a te hau e a te taiete, te mau fare teata taata ora, te mau fare himeneraa, mau pae, te mau fare mana'o ora, te mau fare haapu'eraa rau, e te mau fare raveraa ohipa.

Hoho'a o te pŭpŭ

Haamauhia i roto i te 2008, Co.Co., Te fare. e tahua ha'utiraa teata taata ora i Guangzhou , Taina . Ua a'o matou i roto i te R&D , Hoho'a pia , Te mau mana'o tauturu no te , te hooraa e te hooraa i te mau tauihaa no te mau tauihaa . Ta tatou mau tao'a matamua, o te faaamaraa ïa i te mau mori o te upoo , TE MAU PARAU APÎ O TE EKALESIA . Te mau tauihaa no te mori e te vai atu ra . E e nehenehe ta tatou e horo'a i te mau tao'a maitai roa a'e e te tata'uraa no te mea e mea moni roa tatou e e nehenehe ta tatou e haavî i te maitai . Manava i te haereraa mai e mataitai i ta matou fare neneiraa .

Parau tu'ite no te ohipa hi'oraa u'ana

E ti'a i te mau hamaniraa atoa ia tae'a 4 e hi'opo'a i te taatoaraa o te ohipa:

1. Hi'opo'araa no te mau materia
2. I roto i te hi'opo'araa
3. Hi'opo'araa hopea
4. Hi'opo'araa na ni'a i te



Q : Where is your factory located ? How can I visit your factory ?
A : Our factory is located in Guangzhou City , Mataeinaa no Guangdong , Fenua Taina , about 20mins away from Baiyun Airport , if you want to have a visit our factory , we can arrange to pick you up in the airport or train station etc. We are all warmly welcome to visit us !

Q :Do you have any MOQ limit for order?

A: Low MOQ, 1pc for sample checking is available

Q :Do you test all your goods before delivery?

A: We have multiple inspection procedures, and we will perform another inspection before the goods are out of the warehouse. Guarantee to minimize product failure rate

Q : What kind of payment can I use?

A:You can pay by Western Union, T/T, PayPal,Secure Payment and Trade Assurance(Visa,Credit Card,Master Card or e-checking). More detail, please contact us for help.

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