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Multi-function LED tricolor flat panel light

Flat-panel light is a flat luminous lamp, which is a kind of bedroom light. It also has another name called surface light. It can be used for office flat panel lighting, meeting rooms, hospitals, and other office commercial spaces, and can also be used in studios and live broadcasts. The room and stage lights are particularly practical, and the appearance is simple and beautiful.

The flat panel lamp is made of high-grade acrylic material, and the shell is cast aluminum, which has the advantages of energy-saving, environmental protection, dustproof, anti-static, strong light transmittance, and light stability.

There are many specifications and shapes of LED flat lights. The common shape specifications are rectangular, round, and square. The luminous color is mostly white, warm white, cool white or warm yellow. It has the characteristics of an equal lumen, similar color temperature, and high CRI. It is a kind of energy-saving lighting.

Installation and precautions of flat light
1. The installation of flat panel light
There are three types of LED panel lights: embedded, ceiling, and suspended.
1. First, make preparations: the tools needed are needle-nose pliers, solder, AB glue, multimeter, etc.
2. Determine the specifications of the LED flat light, check whether the brightness and quality meet the requirements, the light is not damaged, and if everything is normal, you can start the installation.
3. Install according to the selected installation method.
For hanging installation, fix the four base wires of the hanging wire where you want, then connect the flat light to the four hanging wires and adjust the height to a suitable position.
For embedded installation, first, install the sheet metal slot, then fix it on the back of the LED panel light with a few protruding brackets, and finally place the panel light so that the bracket matches the sheet metal slot.
Note that if you use an electric soldering iron after fixing the lamp board, the temperature of the electric soldering iron should be reasonably controlled. It is best to keep it above 200 degrees and the soldering time should be controlled for about one second to avoid damage to the circuit board.

Ceiling installation. Measure the size of the conversion box first, then install the conversion box, the last step is to install the panel light. If you want to install the luminaire on the ceiling, the connection on the luminaire must pass through the hole, and the connection behind the luminaire should be fixed with a wire clip.
2. Matters needing attention
1. The LED should be divided into positive and negative poles, long as positive and short as negative.
2. The length of the power cord of the lamp should be sufficient, and it should not be pulled strongly during installation. Also, be careful not to confuse the output wiring with others.

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