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Brief description of stage lighting system debugging

For the complex traditional stage lighting system, as it involves the lighting of characters and stage scenery and different lighting shapes, the debugging in this area includes the hue, color, color temperature, brightness, projection range, scene, sequence of the lighting console. Program editing and other aspects are not simple to debug in general practical engineering. Just like the audio system, it also needs a lot of careful debugging to complete, or as mentioned earlier, for the design of traditional complex lighting systems Construction and commissioning are best carried out with the help of professional design institutes and professional performance units.
In the debugging of lighting systems for general sound engineering, because the performance requirements are not as strict as those in professional performance venues, there are not many technical indicators involved in debugging. Relatively speaking, the debugging of lighting systems is not too complicated, but there are also technical requirements that are higher than The traditional stage lighting technology is that there are many computer lights involved in practical sound engineering, so engineering and technical personnel should study carefully in this regard. Below we begin to briefly explain how to debug some lighting equipment.
First of all, you should carefully check the individual operating conditions of each device. Because the control system and mechanical parts inside the scanner are relatively precise, the power consumption of the light is large, and the protection measures are relatively complete. Therefore, if the internal control is caused by transportation or installation, Components or bulbs are damaged, scanners generally do not work normally, and it is troublesome to confirm the cause of this faulty scanner in a complex lighting system, so try to check each one individually before the system is connected or installed The condition of the equipment. This can be used to check both the lamps and the console.

Làm thế nào để bạn làm cho mối quan hệ kinh doanh của chúng ta lâu dài và tốt đẹp, it is necessary to set the lamps correctly. It can be said that all scanners must work properly under the correct settings, so to ensure that the unit and system are in a normal and orderly state, the correct settings are very important. The contents of the settings include: the control mode of the lamps, the power supply Supply method, movement range, address of the lamp in the system, and control line terminal processing. Among them, the setting of the position of the lamp in the system often causes errors in the project, and its setting is based on the selection of the address code. , That is, when the DIP switch on the lamp must be strictly in accordance with the form provided in the product manual, can not act rashly.
Another is the setting of lighting control equipment. The biggest feature of the scanner is that you need to set the correct control equipment to control the operation. If the console is not selected properly, the setting is not reasonable or there is a failure, the scanner will not work properly, or even will not work, especially for complex lighting systems. The control device plays an important role in the normal work of the light. Therefore, the device must be set. The settings include: the control form, the output mode of the control signal, the model and quantity of the lamps, and the content of the control program software. .
The last thing to note is that after the above steps are completed, it is necessary to check whether the controller’s action and the scanner’s action are consistent. The self-test of the lamp is normal, S. In addition, it should be noted that the lighting system and the audio system are not interfering If yes, record the time when the interference occurred and the model of the specific device to facilitate future resolution.

Post time: 2020-04-17