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Dandelion lighting design shows the beauty of nature

Combining light and nature, it becomes a beautiful landscape.
The effective use of lighting can make life full of art. The dandelion art installation below is a fusion of nature and lighting technology.
All kinds of dandelion shapes are perfectly displayed in the public’s field of vision with the change of lighting.

1. OGE Group, “ignite a wish”, a dandelion floating in the sky
Blow the fluff of dandelion into the air and your wish will come true.
In the Light Festival held in Amsterdam, 20 dandelion seeds 2 meters high were used to hang above the canal.
When they initiate the light, just like human beings are breathing, the never-ending seeds are floating in the sky, lighting the lights, which means that the good wishes of wishing can be seen clearly, which is also our expectation for the future.

2. Hong KongChristmas Dream Flying”, a unique dandelion art installation
The Queen’s Statue Square in Central, Hong Kong, with the theme ofChristmas Dream Flying”, three giant dandelion art installations, namedWISH”, under the light mapping, everyone can Make aWISH”!

This art installation was designed by American artist Robert James Buchholz. The design style tends to be modern. The three giant dandelions are taller than an ordinary 5-story building. They are made of colored glass and change in color.
And even the 18 seeds are huge. The seeds are scattered, sowing happiness and passing people’s blessings to Christmas.

3. Dubai Dandelion Landscape Light, a colorful interactive installation
The Dandelion Landscape Light in Dubai is close to Burj Khalifa, which is the tallest building in the world.
On the way from Dubai Opera House to Burj Khalifa, these 14 dandelions were installed here, attracting thousands of tourists.
Its design style is not simple style, but connects 1000 arch rods together, usesheavy materialsto form a dandelion sculpture, and two LED reflectors used to show color effects, making it day and night Can reflect different lighting effects.

The complex lighting design makes the effect more perfectly highlighted and enhances the audience’s visual experience.
More dandelion art installations will not be listed.
Through the clever use of light, the color effect of the light is changed, and life has an artistic color, which is also quite interesting. For more fashional and colorful lights, feel free to contact us-stage lighting supplier & manufacturer

Post time: 2020-08-18