350W移動頭 3 係 1

Stage light outdoor outdoor performance moving head 3 in 1rotating wedding stage light




The moving head 3 係 1 is designed for the stage, dedicated to the light and shocking the stage. Quick positioning, high definition lens, double prism. High-speed operation without noise. High-quality lighter, a mute motherboard with many technologies. Create better stage effects for you.

電源: AC110~240V,50/60赫茲
power: 500W
light source YODN MSD 350R17
Color: One color wheel, 13 color patches
Pattern: One fixed gobo wheel, 13 戈博斯 + 白光; one rotating gobo wheel, 9 戈博斯 + 白光
稜鏡: Two rotatable prisms, one 8 prism and one linear 6 稜鏡
Strobe fog: Multiple strobe effects, 為止 0.5-14 次 / 第二; gradient fog, dyeing angle 5 °- 30 °
Protection class 防護等級20
淨重量: 19.5公斤
包裝尺寸: 480*450*570 毫米



雙湖係舞台照明嘅專業製造商, 為舞台照明應用系統提供專業解決方案,用于娛樂, 性能。, 政府和企業項目, 劇院, 音樂廳。, 酒吧。, 博物館。, 多功能厅。, 同工作室.


成立於。 2008, 廣州雙湖舞台照明設備有限公司。, 有限公司。. 係一家從事開發嘅公司。, 生產。, 一站式服務的銷售和安裝。.


The multi-tiger lighting has the qualification of general taxpayer, has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, 企業標準體系要求認證,行業已通過GB+T29490企業知識產權法規要求認證和海關企業認證. 產品已獲得多項技術專利和國際質量認證.

所有產品必須通過 4 檢查喺成個過程:

1. 原材料檢驗
2. 在處理檢查中
3. 最終檢查
4. 傳出檢查



問 : Is the color difference between the product photo and the real thing great?

A : Our products are shot under real-world conditions, and the products have been processed as much as possible to restore the true colors of the objects. 然而。, due to some external reasons such as the display effect of the monitor and the different understanding of color by each person, the problem of color difference may still exist. 因此, the colors in the product description are for reference only, and the final colors are mainly physical.

問 : What is the delivery time ? shipping method and shipping time ?
A : 1. For delivery time : the quantity below 100pcs , we can finished in 8days , for the quantity between 100-200pcs , the delivery time is 15days , for the quantity above 200pcs , we have to be negotiated and reply you based on our production schedule . hope you can understand.

問 : Is the product description size accurate

A : The product size is measured by us manually. Due to the different understanding of size, there may be some errors.