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Main points and maintenance of elevator

The elevator is an indispensable instrument in stage performance, and its use is more and more extensive. Lights and sounds, concerts, dance halls, theaters, concert halls all need elevators.
Even in some homes, simple small lifts are installed. Lifts of different specifications are not only used for performances but also popular in the corners of life to meet people’s different needs. In a show in South Korea, a family is equipped with a small lift, which is fun and fun and full of life. The following is to popularize the role of the lift. You can also explore and add to the unmentioned content.
The role of the elevator:
1. Meet the needs of the stage scene. In the stage layout, the stage is arranged at various angles to make the stage look flat and atmospheric, and there will be no height difference in the entire lift platform to ensure the safety of the performers.
2. To meet the needs of staff and behind-the-scenes personnel. In different performances, according to the plot or the needs of the performance, the height of the elevator is used to change the appearance of the stage, so as to adapt to the requirements of the performance and save a certain amount of resources.
3. Quickly switch scenes. Setting up a lifting platform in the center of the main stage is mainly used to change the scene more quickly.
4. According to the needs of the performance, create a special atmosphere and stage effect. Lifts often participate in activities related to stage performances. For example, the use of a lift to make a performer appear suddenly and surprise the audience. Or the elevator on the station slowly disappeared, saying goodbye to the audience.

5. Use the lifting platform to store or transport goods. The lift platform has a certain space to place the props needed for the performance, set up a transport lift platform such as a container, and transport the items to the desired location, or on the plane of the stage.
6. The general elevator should have the following settings:
1. Brake.
2. Overrange switch.
3. Limit switch.
4. Safety gear.
5. Buffer.
6. Stage equipment safety door.
7. Speed ​​limiter.
8. Speed ​​limit wire rope switch.
9. Insurance grounding device.
10. Door switch.
During the use, attention should also be paid to the maintenance and safety of various systems:
1. No matter what type of elevator should be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the instruction manual, regular cleaning, lubrication, inspection, adjustment, etc., to ensure that the elevator can assist us in the best state.
2. The lift must be placed on solid and level ground to prevent it from tipping during work.
3. Regularly check the working status of the elevator parts. If you find that the shaft pin or screw is loose, you must lock it to prevent accidents.

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Post time: 2020-08-05